April 30, 2020

Online Pasta & Italian Cooking Lessons

Ciao everyone! Given the current world pandemic all cooking lessons are going online.

Alas, getting back to “normal” looks like it will take awhile and not being one who enjoys twirling her thumbs, I have decided to go “online”.

Sure it won’t be the same as cooking together in person, going to the market together or sharing a glass of vino in person, but we can do it online! We can still have a nice time together.

I will begin by opening up private cooking lessons and then based on the most popular requests, I will set up group lessons.

Some suggestions for lessons 
  • review pasta making techniques 
  • new or review pasta shapes, traditional egg dough or hard wheat dough
  • seasonal / traditional pasta sauces
  • how to clean/prep vegetables
  • desserts
  • antipasti aka appetizers 
  • kitchen hack
Or let me into your kitchen (virtually) and I’ll help you put together a meal with your pantry items; I’m actually pretty good at this!

As always, I am able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free diets.

Write to me via Instagram or send an email to maribel AT (use @ instead of AT) taste-of-italy.com (pls don’t send me messages on Facebook) with what you are interested in and dates/times you are available. I will give you an estimate of time needed to complete your request and price.

The aim is to stay within the hour, hour and a half. If necessary, the lesson can be divided over the course of two -three days.

You will receive a list of ingredients to purchase and equipment you’ll need to complete the lesson. 

Let’s cook yummy things together!