February 7, 2020

Orange Marmalade, Candied Peels and Orange Powder

I recently posted a photo of some of my experiments on Instagram and so many people asked me for the recipes, I decided to post them here where it is easier to type. 

It all began at the end of December when I tried the recipe for Candied Orange Peels by my friend Flavia of @SpaghettiABC (on Facebook and Instagram). The candied peels were really easy to make and they were SO good. 

I decided to make them again but make more since we had already finished the small batch I'd made and I wanted to make marmalade with the pulp. I also wanted to try my hand at making orange powder since I had scorched my first batch!

Orange Marmalade
For the marmalade I used the Silver Spoon's recipe, leaving out the peels since I planned to use them elsewhere. The recipe calls for 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of pulp. Unfortunately the recipe appears to be only in Italian but you only need to look at the ingredients and proportions and follow someone else's recipe for orange marmalade. Obviously you also need to ensure you follow hygiene so make sure you have sterilized jars at the ready. For your information, 1 kilo of pulp turned into half a kilo, 500g or about 1lb of jam!
The recipe is here: marmellata di arance

Orange Powder
The idea began I finished my powdered Cuban adobo which has orange powder in it. It adds a nice zest to pork and poultry. I wondered if orange powder would work in other recipes: say sprinkled on seafood or in a delicate pasta sauce or pasta filling. 

As I mentioned above, I scorched my first batch. My second try went perfectly. I took all the ugly peels from the next recipe (hahaha) and some large & odd pieces and put them on a tray with parchment paper. Place into the oven at the lowest setting and check at 10 minute intervals. As soon as they are dry, remove them from the oven. Once they are cool, you can pulverize them in your food processor or in a mortar.
Pro Tip: do not put the peels directly on your oven trays as the peels will irreparably stain them! 

Candied Orange Peels
Candied orange peels
Candied orange peels are a luxurious treat when dipped in dark chocolate, on your cannolis, gelato or as a cake decoration. Hey, I even drop them in my tea as a little self-care treat on a cold day! 
Candied orange peels are very easy to make: you only need 3 ingredients. There are several ways to get rid of the bitterness in the peels, one is to boil the peels another is to soak them. I soaked mine and the kitchen smelled so sweet.
The original recipe is here: Flavia's candied orange peels

Below is my adaptation with a few tips ;)
I suggest using organic oranges (that haven't been sprayed with toxic substances).
Pro Tip (aka don't make my mistake - hahaha) : do not add syrup after the oranges have begun simmering, because you will not get the supple and glossy finish if you do. 
Oranges, as many as you'd like but at least two.
Sugar, same amount as the weight of the softened orange peels
Water, same amount as the weight of the softened orange peels

0. Rinse and pat dry the oranges (this should be obvious)
1. Cut the orange rind the way you'd like them: thin strips, wide strips, small squares or even the whole rind. Remove the zest and the white part.
2. Put the peels in a large bowl and cover with water. Let the peels soak for 3 days. You will see the water turn cloudy and orangey, its normal.
3. Remove the peels from the bowl and let them drain off the water.
4. Weigh the peels; this is the amount of water and sugar that you will need.
5. Put all the ingredients in a wide enough skillet so that you have a single layer and bring to a simmer. Simmer until the peels have soaked up the syrup. About 20 minutes.
6. Place the peels over a board, marble top or even parchment paper (what I did) keeping them mostly separated. I used tongs to do this, just to keep my fingers from getting too sticky.
7. Allow the peels to cool for at least 1 hr. Then you can put them in an airtight jar.

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