March 27, 2014

Edible Books Festival in Bologna

The International Edible Books Festival 2014 will take place in Bologna, Italy on April 1st. Every participant will present an edible "book", or something that represents a literary work in some way and includes words. In other words, a book to eat!

Several local chefs will present their edible books/works of art. Taste of Italy will present a cooked Bolognese lasagna (fresh pasta, Bolognese ragù, Parmigiano cheese and home made Bechamel sauce). The text on the lasagna reads: Spaghetti Bolognese does not exist. The idea came about to destroy the myth that Bolognese ragu' is served with spaghetti. Never! With spaghetti, the ragu' stays in the bottom of the dish. In Bologna we serve our namesake sauce with fresh noodles, tagliatelle, which holds the ragù so you actually get to eat the pasta with the sauce.

The highest bidder will take a one of a kind, edible piece of art home, just in time for dinner! All proceeds will go to help the Ruffilli Library in Bologna, Italy.

More details as to how this event came to be and why its held on April 1st can be found at

To participate in the event, Just follow the following link: Hope to see you there!

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