August 3, 2013

If you want to learn how to make pasta, take a lesson with us!

Fresh made Tortelloni

If you want to learn how to make fresh egg-pasta, the specialty of this food-loving region, then take a lesson with us!

Me and my pasta
  • Because you make it yourself! and because you will learn how to in 1, max 2, lessons. 
  • Because you'll learn how to make this simple, amazing pasta with your own 2 hands, no machines. Ok, its much easier with a machine, but its never as amazing! The Bolognese are able to tell the difference between hand rolled and machine rolled in their mouth.  We will show you how to tell the difference. 
  • Because we give you the recipes of the dishes you've made for free. At other places you have to take notes or buy their cookbook!
  • Because you see and make the sauces; these are not pre-made (by who knows who and who knows when). 
  • Because the Bolognese specialties are home-cooked, you should learn to prepare these the way Mammas and Grandmas in Bologna do: in their kitchen. They did not go culinary school to make a delicious meal and neither do you! 
And that's a promise!