January 17, 2012

Back on my feet and back in the kitchen!

Its unusual that I "get personal" on my website but I do feel that I need to publicly excuse myself with everyone who has written to me and haven't received answers within 24-48 hrs.

I worked right up to November 24th but right before (on the 23rd) my body said "basta". I got a fever, followed by a crescendo of symptoms and fell down with a flu/upper respiratory and bronchial infection. It took a full 2 weeks to get better and 3 to get my voice back.

I never did get 100% better before I got sick again, right before the holidays, with an upper respiratory infection. This time I took the antibiotics immediately and sure enough, by the second day was feeling much better. Although I felt great after my antibiotic therapy apparently my body had been greatly weakened.

The holidays here were long so that kept me busy (Christmas, New year's, Epiphany) but that last morning I went out to get the paper and whiff! it took a very cold whiff of air to get me yet another upper respiratory infection!

Since I prefer not to bombard my body with antibiotics I accepted everyone's suggestions for their best remedies. I listened to pharmacists, friends and purchased natural antibiotics, vitamins especially formulated for winter ailments etc etc. but none of those did much to improve my worsening health. They did seem to slow down the speed with which I usually get a deep raspy voice.

Lastly, I ran into an old friend who insisted I visit her pharmacist who she credited with having kept her family free of colds, flus and everything else for years. Of course I was desperate enough that I went and bought the drops he gave me. I must say that these did improve my health enough that that very night (the 11th) was the first night I slept through the entire night without waking up to a hacking cough or not being able to breathe (despite having taken decongestants before going to sleep the previous nights). I have slept every night ever since and I am feeling fantastic!

Went to that pharmacist again yesterday and got specific drops to keep my upper respiratory area and throat areas healthy. I am now working on getting strong enough to stand up to the rest of the winter without getting sick AGAIN.

I am finally feeling well enough today that I am answering all my emails and discovered a few that ended up hidden under the pile of emails I had. Oooops!

Glad to be "back" online. Looking forward to cooking with all of you, in my kitchen or virtually, in yours!

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