February 21, 2011

Tortellino vs Tortelloni

How can you tell the difference between tortellini and tortelloni? The two types of pasta, though similar in shape and name, will deliver completely different tastes. Both are made with the traditional style 'egg-pasta' composed of flour and egg, but the final products with the various fillings leave you wanting more.

Tortellini: The smaller of the two, tortellini are stuffed with a hearty meat filling and typically served in broth or cream sauce.

Tortelloni: the tortelloni is larger and has a milder tasting filling, generally a mix of cheeses or some sort of vegetarian filling. The filling usually includes Parmigiano-Reggiano, a soft cheese and either spinach, swiss chard or parsley (in Bologna). They are typically served in a butter and sage sauce or a tomato and butter sauce with plenty of grated Parmigiano sprinkled on top.

So to remember the difference between tortellini and tortelloni, think "ini" is small and "oni" is large. Another thing to remember is that the smaller of the two has a very tasty filling that would overwhelm your palate if it was large. The larger of the two has a relatively milder tasting filling which is in perfect balance with the amount of dough surrounding it.

Buon appetito!

JM and MA

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Laura Bizzari said...

I can perceive the smell of a wonderful dish of hot tortellini in brodo! Great matter of contention!