June 25, 2014

The Best Gelato in Bologna

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Cremeria Santo Stefano
No matter what the temperature outside, Italian gelato is always popular way to entertain our palate! Some of my favorite shops (all with lactose-free, vegan and gluten-free options) follow, in no particular order. All I can say is that they ALL deserve a visit. :)

Cremerie Santo Stefano, Via Santo Stefano 14

Galleria 49 (ex-Stefino's), for its fabulous almond Sicilian granita and its Cream with a hint of lemon zest ice cream.

Stefino Bio, Stefino separated from his partners (above) and has opened shop in via San Vitale. A good number of his gelatos, sorbetti an granita are dairy-free and even vegan. All ingredients are organic.

Cremeria Scirocco in Via Barelli 1/C, Bologna, BO 40138.
fabulous and unusual flavors, all rigorously made with high quality and natural ingredients.

Gelatauro on via San Vitale
Any of their chocolate flavors (chocolate with hot pepper, chocolate laced with orange) or creamy nutty flavours are fabulous. They use several Slow Food Presidium ingredients in their gelatos.

Sorbetteria Castiglione, in Via Castiglione 44 for its fabulous dark chocolate and cassata Siciliana flavors. When in season, don't miss the walnut flavor: noce (attention: not nocciole - hazelnuts).

The Sorbetteria has expanded and now has 2 outposts on Via Murri 81 and in Via Saragozza 83 (on the way up or back from San Luca, which is another good reason to visit San Luca!)

Although fattier and/or sweeter than my tastebuds are used to, many of my friends swear by these Gelaterie:

Cremeria Funivia, Piazza Cavour 1

Gelateria Islanda, Via Saragozza 65

Grom on via d'Azeglio. While they do use several Slow Food Presidium ingredients in their gelatos, these are hand made in the shop; they receive the ingredients and mixes from their headquarters in Piedmont.

PS don't abide by any of the lists you see out there, do your own research and decide for yourself :)!

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Goodie! There's a handful of places on your list we have yet to try. Thanks for sharing!