Customer Comments

Sometimes our students prefer to drop us a note instead of posting a review on TripAdvisor (see link on right hand side of page). In order not to lose these wonderful notes, I've posted them below.

"Ciao Maribel, Thanks for sending the recipes. I have enjoyed every single class I've taken, and I've learned a lot. I can't wait to go home and share these meals with my friends who weren't able to come over and visit me. I will be sure to tell anyone who plans on coming through Bologna that they have to contact you for some wonderful cooking classes. Thanks for being a part of my amazing Italian adventure! Ciao!" Kathy, USA, April 2015

"My wife, Valeria and I had a wonderful time. Joanna was fun, passionate and patient. We enjoyed the market, the cooking and the meal. Memorable. Please pass on our compliments."  Phillip, Valeria & Maribel, The Netherlands, April 2015

"It was so nice to meet you Maribel. Thank you for your cooking, recipes and a pleasant time. You had inflamed in us passion for Italian food and cuisine!" Irina, Russia, March 2015

"We had an absolutely wonderful time cooking yesterday with Joanna." Jen and Peter, London, UK, March 2015

"Many thanks..we now make tortelloni once a month using the methods we learned with Joanna. Thanks so much!" Ron, USA June 2014

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an amazing day!" Ken and Rose, Portugal. July 2013 

"Dear Maribel, It is just a few hours after our lesson. I wanted you to convey our thanks to Joanna. She was excellent! thorough, at ease, interesting and her effort really showed through. I also wanted to thank you for opening up your lovely home to us. There are not too many people who travel to Italy who can say they went to a personal home to have a cooking lesson. Thank you so much and hope to see you again soon!" Patricia, Greece. May 2013

"Maribel, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how great a time my husband and I had cooking with Alex. She was knowledgeable, relaxed, and a pleasure to spend the day cooking with. We have let others know how much fun it was to create with experienced chefs from the region. It was one of our highlights (not to mention how many people are aching to get their hands on the recipe!) Safe travels to you!" Jeannie and George. May 2013

"Good Morning Maribel, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience last night. You were the perfect instructor, the course selection was fabulous, the setting was great and the way you teach…well I just can’t say enough. I have attended several cooking functions in the past with some very well-known celebrity chefs and you are by the far the best. Thank You again for just a great evening and please let me know when you will be back in the States as I would love to attend anything you might be putting on. Thank you and have a safe trip home." Chuck, Cape May Courthouse, USA. May 2013

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese. Foto credit: Jonathan Pan.
"Jon and I really enjoyed the tortellini making class that we took with you, Christina, and Sergio. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Italy and you all were excellent teachers. The food was also delicious and one of the best we had during our trip :)"
Lindsay, Santa Barbara, California

"Thank you for your help with the class, I know we all really enjoyed our time with you guys. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Thank you again, we're all looking forward to our next trip back." Jonathan, San Francisco, California

Typical Bolognese tortellini, traditionally served in home made meat broth. By: Jonathan Pan
It was so nice cooking with you! We had so much fun....thanks again. So exciting about your being in the NY Times! Congrats! Thanks for the recipe. Yum!
Lauren , Boston, Massachusetts

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I made your Bolognese Ragu tonight for dinner, it was just delicious! I am now ready to serve it to my friends. Thank you so much. I like your website, I visit it often, I feel like I'm visiting with you! Ciao for now. Cindy, New Jersey.

"Thanks again for a wonderful Italian cooking experience." Nik, Los Angeles, California
"Thank you for a wonderful evening, I loved the class & it remains as one of the highlights of my travels. Cheers!" Jocey Davidson, Australia
The spread before dinner of the Summer Cookery class.
Foto credit: Jocey Davidson.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to bring a group of students from the University of Denver in Colorado to a cooking and tasting class arranged by Maribel. The class was a unique mix of students and people from Bologna.  Maribel navigated so smoothly between the two groups and two languages, facilitating an environment where food became the language of culture and friendship. I can't wait to return to Bologna and learn how to make tortellini with Maribel and the Taste of Italy.”

Sheila Phelan Wright, Colorado, USA

"I have had an opportunity to both take cooking classes as well as cook privately at home with Maribel. I have been pleasantly surprised as to how well organised the classes were, the variety of menus from different regions of Italy and the excellent chefs! I can honestly say if you want to know about Italian cooking ask Maribel, she is an excellent cook!”

Lea Vilborg, Bologna, Italy 

“We had a super super great time cooking with you as well as laughing around the table. We also appreciated the visit to the producer of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, that was a unique experience!”

Martina and Luigi, Puerto Rico



Elizabeth, Squamish, Canada said...
Earlier this month, a friend and I took Maribel’s class on Cooking with Modena’s Traditional Balsamic. We had an absolutely wonderful time! Maribel is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and professional. What I appreciated most was how focused she was on tailoring the class to our level and interests. If you can take a class with Maribel, I would highly recommend it!


John said...

Maribel is a real treasure. Her expertise and passion for the food and wine of Bologna and Emilia-Romagna make her a great guide to the markets and cuisine of the region. This passion and her remarkable curiosity make her a wonderful teacher. Her patience, kindness and hospitality ensured I had fun but learned a great deal. I have taken about 15-20 hours of one-on-one cooking with her, and I still have more to learn and plan to return.

admin said...

Thank you John for your kind comments! As I've probably mentioned to you, I do this for fun as I enjoy sharing my knowledge with those who appreciate Italian food & wine.

A Canadian Foodie said...

Maribel! I will be writing about you and to you, but had to take a few minutes while still away from home (currently in Belgrade) to tell you how personal, memorable and powerful your pasta making class was for me. It was definitely a highlight of this trip - and one of the best cooking classes I have ever taken. You are truly a gifted teacher! I not only enjoyed your company and the food you taught me to make, but I learned so much more than I expected to learn and I really believe that I can do it!
Big tight hug!

admin said...

Thank you Valerie, that is SUCH an amazing compliment coming from you, experienced teacher and taker of many cooking lessons.

will be writing to you privately soon.
big hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Buongiorno -- love your website! Can you possibly recommend a cooking class (about 3 hours duration) in the Parma area?

Grazie mille!


Monica Zardo said...

Thanks for the comment about the word 'appero'.. I have some italian friends and couldnt understand the meaning of the word.
Regards from Spain,