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Buongiorno, Hello!  To schedule a cooking lesson with Taste of Italy, please send an email to [info at taste-of-italy dot com]. The email address should look like this when you type it into your email program:

The best way to contact me is through email which I check more often than I should! Please do not write me via my social media accounts (I do not check my social media often enough) or call me as I do not answer the telephone while teaching. 

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Maribel,  founder
I have been interested in food and its preparation for as long as I can remember. As a small child I would follow my nonna as she moved about in her large kitchen and would get on my tiptoes hoping to get a glimpse of what was on the stove while my grandmother stirred away. I tasted many sauces with her and although I was too young to ask for a recipe or even think to write one down, I am the only one in my family who can recreate many of her famous dishes.

As an adult, I’ve learned how to cook from the local Azdore* who cook the way their grandmothers did… I have spent time following many mamma's and nonna's; asking for recipes of the best dishes that I’ve tasted. I have re-created them successfully and most are now part of my collection of “heirloom recipes”.

I learned how to make pasta from scratch from several sfogline, each with their own technique. I've taken what I hope is the best of each sfoglina and developed my own technique so that my students can make their own pasta successfully after only one lesson. 

Taste of Italy offers a wide range of authentic Italian cooking lessons that cover regional, traditional and creative cooking at affordable prices with experienced cooks. 

Buon appetito!

*Azdore, Zdaura or Rezdore: all different ways of pronouncing the same term used in Emilia-Romagna. It literally means the woman who keeps the house running: regge la casa. You have to think that this woman was today would be defined a manager, making sure the various chores get done by whom (coordinates what needs to be butchered, getting things around the house and farm fixed or done), cooks (makes pasta from scratch, makes butter, makes jam, bread, everything...