March 31, 2019

Italian Recipes: Limoncello

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Limoni Sorrento IGP (Taste of Italy)

Limoni Sorrento IGP (Taste of Italy)


Limoncello as an after dinner drink has become almost as popular and famous as pizza. If you dig a little deeper; however, you’ll see that limoncello has a a strong link to its sunny place of origin: sunny southern Italy! Sorrento, in the province of Naples, or the Amalfi coast, in the province of Salerno, both produce large, lemons that have a  sweet aromatic zest. Believe it or not, the Sorrento and Amalfi lemons are two distinct species, both with IGP or Protected Geographical Indication, in English.

Although many recipes for Limoncello abound on the internet, the recipe below is the one people in the South actually use. you may not be used to this degree of alcohol but I suggest you prepare it with 1 liter water, you can add up to 500ml more water later. Remember that Limoncello is an after meal drink that you sip from a small glass the size of a shot glass.  It aids digestion so the heavier the meal the easier it is to drink this strong limoncello. No one I know ever drinks it on an empty stomach because it is quite strong. 

As always, keep alcoholic drinks away from children and drink responsibly!

Limoncello (Taste of Italy)
  1. 5 large untreated lemons from Sorrento, Italy or the Amalfi Coast, Italy* or 10 untreated lemons 
  2. 1 lt pure 96% alcohol (or 1 lt vodka)
  3. 800g white sugar
  4. 1 lt water (up to 1.5 liters)
Equipment: 1 large jar, larger than 2,5 lts.

  1. Wash lemons to remove dirt and dry carefully. 
  2. Peel lemons carefully so that you only use the zest (yellow part) and none of the pith (white spongy part) which is bitter.
  3. As you peel, drop the peels directly into the alcohol so that you save all of the lemon’s essential oils. 
  4. Once done with the peels, seal the jar carefully and keep in a cool dark place for 30 days.
  5. Prepare syrup made with sugar and water, mix and allow to rest for another 30 days.
  6. Filter the drink into smaller bottles. Keep in the freezer, the amount of sugar and alcohol will keep it from freezing. 
  7. Sip your ice cold limoncello after dinner on a hot evening. 
Limoncello (Taste of Italy)
Limoni di Sorrento IGP (Taste of Italy)

Buon appetito! 

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