October 27, 2017

Why I make pasta from scratch and handroll it

Many people tell me I make pasta making look easy. But we all know it is not. It is hard work but I also believe that if you practice anything enough times, it becomes much easier. It is similar to learning how to drive a car or ride a bicycle; the first time seemed like it was too much but after some practice you realize you can do it!

Of course not everyone has the time to make it as often as they would like to eat it so that is why the pasta shops in Bologna flourish! People love the fresh egg pasta but not everyone is able to make it from scratch. So they buy it, at a hefty price. Making pasta for ten should cost you about 3 Euro versus paying between 27€-38€ for handmade pasta.

But its not just about the price, there is the satisfaction of having made such a wonderful thing to eat. Everyone marvels at how the flour and dough transforms itself into this glorious pasta, whether its long golden noodles or golden stuffed pasta.

Plus I find making pasta rather relaxing, especially while mixing in the flour and kneading. The repetitive steps help you focus and dare I say: be mindful, be present. You must focus or else you might add too much flour or tear your sheet of pasta.

Most of all, it makes me terribly happy to serve handmade pasta to my friends and family. Making pasta with the rolling pin on a wooden board gives my pasta that amazing texture that is a delight to anyone's palate. You can't get the same texture if using the pasta machine. So for people really crazy about pasta, the work is a worthwhile effort!

I have been teaching how to make pasta for over 10 years while I have made my own pasta for at least another 10. To me, making pasta was like preparing artichokes; the first time it seemed daunting but because I love artichokes (and pasta) so much I decided I HAD to learn how to prepare them. There was no choice, I had to learn. So I did not let a number of situations stop me from achieving my goal: I had different teachers, consulted books and practiced, a lot. I practiced so much I found a way to make pasta that I thought was much easier. I developed this method and it is the technique that I teach you.

So how do you know its a good technique? Well in over 10 years, we have never had to skip a meal or substitute with boxed pasta because of bad pasta! :) So if you add a little practice to the equation, you might even think about opening your own little pasta shop!

Happy pasta rolling!

By the way, who decides when its #nationalpastaday or #worldpastaday ? Where is the calendar? who is in charge of PR? I found out to late! :) hahaha!