May 27, 2015

Amazing food in Ferrara

Amazing food can be had all over Emilia-Romagna. Some amazing pasta dishes (and who doesn't love pasta?) are in Ferrara. I especially love the butternut squash stuffed pasta Cappellacci di Zucca served with meat ragu'. The combination of sweet stuffing with savory ragu' is just wonderful.

Cappellaci di Zucca con ragu'

Another favorite dish is called Pasticcio Ferrarese its macaroni mixed in with ragu and bechamel sauce and stuffed in a sweet crust and baked. Again, this combination of sweet and savory, while surprising, really works.

Pasticcio Ferrarese

Although a small town compared to Bologna, Ferrara has an fascinating history. The castle is still standing and has some beautiful buildings. So if you have a extra day during your visit to Bologna, take a train and visit Ferrara. Depending on what type of train you take, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to almost an hour (on the train that stops at every village). If you drive, its only 40 minutes away.

If you don't have time to go to Ferrara, then I will be happy to teach you how to make the Cappellacci di Zucca as long as butternut squash is available: usually October through March.  

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Yummmm!!!These look amazingly delicious!Fabulous! Can't wait to try it.