July 2, 2011

"Pomodoro" (Tomato) literally means the "Golden Apple",

Though a staple in the Italian kitchen, you might be surprised to find out tomatoes are not, in fact, Italian. The fruit was discovered in Latin America in the fifteenth century, then made its way to Italy in the nineteenth century. Because tomatoes grow in a variety of conditions, the use throughout Italy and in the kitchens took off.

The word tomato has an interesting past just as the origin of the fruit does. Tomato, or in italian, pomodoro, can be broken down in several ways. Pomo d'oro, which in italian translates to golden apple, refers to a specific type of tomato which at the cusp of ripeness is a beautiful shade of golden yellow. Another possible origin of the word derives from the aphrodisiac qualities of the fruit in the french translation pomme d'amour, the love apple.

According to Il Pomodoro Italiano, "The Italian Tomato", there are over 320 different variations of the tomato. The beautiful golden tomatoes tend to have a sweeter taste and have a low sugar and acid content. For more information on several of the varieties check out the website in Italian: