November 22, 2010

Cioccoshow Bologna

It’s finally that time of year to fill up on hot chocolate and treats as the sixth annual Cioccoshow (Chocolate Festival) makes its way to Bologna, Italy. The festival will take place Wednesday, November 24 through Sunday the 28th. The festival gives a chance for chocolatiers from all over Italy showcase their product in the heart of Bologna. Workers have been setting up tents in preparation for the festival for over a week now, building the anticipation. This years’ festival will take place in several of the city’s main piazzas including Piazza Maggiore and Piazza Santo Stefano, among others. Each day there will be special demonstrations, events and opportunities to see the master chocolatiers at work.

For more information go to the website:

The website is written in Italian, but it has some helpful information with important dates, times and locations listed. Remember, in Italy, the dates are written day/month/year and military time is used. (i.e: 20 is 8pm)
Quick- look Italian:
Lunedi - Monday
Martedi - Tuesday
Mercoledi - Wednesday
Giovedi –Thursday
Venerdi - Friday
Sabato -Saturday
Domenica -Sunday

Stay tuned for pictures for a better look in to the festival. If you have any questions – feel free to comment or send an email to: info AT