February 16, 2010

Its Mardi Gras

Pasta per Carnevale!
Its Martedì grasso in Italian. While my son was home sick and his friends were at a Carnevale party at school, I tried to cheer him up with some colorful pasta strings. Kids usually throw colored paper strings at each other while they are dressed up in costumes.

First you make a regular yellow pasta, then make a green pasta with spinach and also a third pasta with tomato concentrate in order to have a yellow, red and green tagliatelle, just like the paper ones, only edible.
After each dough ball has rested at least 30 minutes, proceed to roll out the dough. Once all three sheets have been rolled out and ready, lay them one on top of the other and roll up. This step will make sure that the colors are mixed in in equal proportions.
Colored pasta
Pasta making techniques
Then quickly slice and separate the strands. Allow them to dry on the board until ready to use.
Cook for about 2 -3 minutes depending on their thickness and serve in a simple butter and sage sauce sauce and sprinkle with Parmigiano Reggiano OR slice some prosciutto crudo in a similar width as the pasta and toss in melted butter. Then toss sauce in (cooked) pasta. Enjoy!
My son was really happy to have his own Carnevale party at home!