October 9, 2008

Turin is a food lover's paradise

Special thanks to the ISI Foundation for the use of their photograph of Turin.

I recently visited Turin and fell in love with it all over again. Its a beautiful city with large promenades, city gardens, beautiful buildings such as the Mole Antoneniana, etc. etc! The city itself has the Alps on one side and the Po river that runs to its east side. It is also full of wonderful museums, galleries, is home to the Holy Shroud, home to Fiat and Lancia, the FC Torino and Juventus (and much much more).

To a foodie none of that really matters because Turin has wonderful FOOD and WINE. The city itself has many beautiful caff├ęs where you can try their famously thick hot chocolate and fantastic bicerin. In the evening head out for their happy hour, the goodies they lay out are a sight for sore eyes!

There are many Piedmontese specialties you should not miss such as bagna caoda and the plin. Check out this guide for a list of those things you should not miss and where to enjoy them.

However, before you leave Turin you MUST stop by EATALY . It is a market and restaurant of the best Italian foods. It naturally includes all of the Piedmontese foods and wines, but you can also eat amazing Pizza.
It is extremely difficult to describe Eataly because it has everything: kitchen gadgets, pastry shop, ice cream shop, bread shop, beer bar (where you can drink and eat something with your beer), there is fresh produce, cheeses, meats, seafood, a spice area, wine area where you can also buy unbottled wine, you can also buy a whole round of parmigiano or grana padano cheeses, a whole leg of pata negra ham, areas with regional specialties from all over Italy, there is the museum of Carpano and Punt e Mes liqueurs, a library and an internet point. In addition, they have a restaurant in the different meat, seafood, beer, bread/pizza area. This is also the perfect place to buy foodie gifts before returning home.

Last but not least, between 23 and 27 of October 2012, Turin will be hosting the Salone Internazionale del Gusto which has to be Italy's largest showcase of the best food in the world. It is SlowFood's main and largest event http://www.salonedelgusto.com/. There are many opportunities to participate in Cooking lessons with some of the world's best chefs. See you there!

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