May 25, 2007

The Cucina Bolognese class was great!

A good time was had by all in yesterday's class, there were explanations, demonstrations by our wonderful Chef Anna Gennari, lots of lively conversation among the participants, tasting and above all preparation and cooking!

Chef Anna Gennari was amazing in her ability to coordinate the preparation of so many dishes typically Bolognese. She shared many tips and tricks and certainly made things look easy! In the photo below, Chef Anna demonstrates how to remove stem and pistil from a zucchini flower in one step.

Chef Anna demonstrates how to clean zucchini flowersVoila', stem and pistil removed!

Afterwards we all sat down for a delicious lunch and some wine. Here is photo of the lasagne bolognese and the fritto misto we devoured!

lasagne Bolognesefritto misto

Chef Anna Gennari is the author of a cookbook called La cucina di Anna Gennari. Cibo e passione di una donna chef. that you can find at local book stores or buy online at libroco.


Anonymous said...

What is your favorite bottle of wine? Just say your on a budget...

Maribelous said...

The Bolognese antipasti or primi that are in a broth, light or cream sauce go particularly well with the local Pignoletto wine. There are several very good brands that are very reasonable.

Bolognese dishes with a red meat sauce or with red meat go well with a good local Sangiovese.

If you visit a wineshop or enoteca you will see that there are many good brands that run the gamut, from inexpensive to expensive. Ask the wineshop owner for some suggestions.

Pick one that best complements the dish you will be eating. It should not overbear the dish nor it should be overtaken by the meal.

That's why the Pignoletto or Sangiovese, that could be described as tart, are perfect for Bolognese food, which tends to be heavy and greasy. Each sip cleans your palate.

Save your Merlot or Cabernet for a more refined Porcini or other meat dish...

I hope that helped!

By the way if you are in Italy, I can suggest some very inexpensive nice wines that you pick up directly at the vineyard.